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Skout's Honor Odor Eliminator. Front view showing product label for 4oz spray bottle. Shop a selection of pet accessories and supplies at blue igloo.ca.

Odor Eliminator

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This professional strength spray destroys offensive odor molecules on contact.

The non toxic, eco friendly, cruelty free formula works instantly and is safe for pets, your family and home.

4 oz (118 ml)


  • For use on dog beds, couches, waste baskets and any other water safe surface
  • Leaves no residue
  • Works instantly
  • Eliminates unwanted odors such as urine, feces, sweat and more
  • All natural
  • Bio renewable
  • Fragrance free when dry, slight vinegar scent when wet

Deionized water, biodegradable molecular complex (mineral based deodorizer), plant based fragrance.

Before Use
If using on soft surfaces such as fabric or carpet test a small inconspicuous area for color fastness. If color is removed from test area do not use on that surface.

Clean the affected area before applying the spray.