VX Series Memory Foam Mattress Details

Comfortable and unbelievably fresh

The VX Series memory foam mattress is an all foam mattress; it utilizes an eco-friendly soy-based VX memory foam technology to offer the relaxing comfort of memory foam with the support of high- density foam.

VX memory foam distributes body weight uniformly which considerably reduces pressure points and unlike other foams used in mattresses on the market the VX memory foam is not affected by body heat or by ambient air, this means you will experience superior therapeutic support all night long in any season.

Thousands of tiny perforations allow air to flow freely through the mattress and the exclusive gel crystals used in the VX memory foam help keep the body at an ideal temperature for sleeping.

Thermocool outer fabric rapidly wicks moisture away from the body, it also helps the body regulate temperature; if you feel cold the material will help you feel warmer and if you feel hot it will help you feel cooler.

VX memory foam dissipates body heat this is how the foam can return to its shape rapidly making it easier for you to change positions during the night.

VX memory foam returns to its original shape in 0-5 sec.

VX memory foam moulds to the curves of the body, which releases muscular tension and relieves pressure points resulting in a more restful sleep.

The extra-firm base layer contains various sizes of ventilating channels where the body weight will be greater this ensures optimum body alignment.

The top layers of this mattress provide motion isolation so you will not disturb your partner when changing sleeping positions.

The VX Series mattress cannot be placed directly on the floor or be used with a closed platform without ventilation; condensation may occur if proper ventilation isn't available which could create mould under the mattress and void the warranty.

The VX Series mattress is suitable for use with an adjustable bed.

VX memory foam is made with soybean oil and has earned Cert-PUR US approval.

Made in Canada: The VX memory foam, product design and production are produced onsite by our manufacturing partner located in Quebec.

10 year warranty.

For optimal performance we recommended using a foundation that has been designed to support a foam mattress.
Older box springs generally do not offer the correct support, we suggest purchasing a new rigid foundation or slatted foundation that meets the requirements below.

Foundation Requirements
A rigid foundation (no spring foundation) offering good ventilation under the mattress may be used with the VX Series mattress.

Slatted foundations should have rigid slats over 2” wide and with less than 5" of spacing between the slats.

Frame Requirements
Any frame used to support your foundation must include a central support and have a minimum of 5 support legs.